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Swanks & Sons Chrome Shop is a family owned business located in the heart of Louisville, KY. Swanks & Sons started with the idea of helping Truckers get the best products at the best prices with old school service, where a persons word and a handshake is the way to close a deal. 

My experience goes back to the early 2000's where I was a shipping supervisor at a lumber yard and I loaded and unloaded semi-truckers everyday and got to know them and how hard they have to work and always keep moving. In 2005 I started at one of the largest owner operator trucking companies in America based here in Louisville, KY. and became a recruiter where I leased those owner operators on.

In no time, I became the # 1 recruiter and got to travel to all the major truck shows where I became fascinated in how cool trucks were once they were all pimped out! So in 2007 I started my 1st business and started selling headache racks, tool boxes, and other cargo securement items to over the road truckers.


In 2017 I went on a TV show locally run here in Louisville, KY that was like Sharktank and one of the bankers liked my drive and confidence in what I wanted to do with Swanks&Sons and actually leased me property rt across the street from the trucking company I worked at for so many years! They have over 2000+ truckers and they all know Im here right across the street.

My credibility and integrity I have earned was from all those years helping truckers out in every fashion! It was because I cared and still do, thats why my chromeshop is about helping them out in anyway we can!

2019 BEACH PHOTO.jpg

My family is why I work so hard everyday!

I have been with my gorgeous wife since 1998 as we were High School sweethearts. She is my best friend and  is my rock and supports me in every venture I am willing to pursue.

We have 3 amazing and out of this world handsome boys. That is where the Sons came from in my business name as they mean so much to me! I am trying to build something that will become a legacy and have the means to be able to take care of their family for years and years to come.

My family is why I work so hard everyday!


311 Salt Well Rd

Shepherdsville, KY 40165



Call us today or come by and visit us and you'll understand why Swanks & Sons customers continue to say, "Just call Swanks, he'll hook you up!"​


You will say "Thanks Swanks" when you leave!

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